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EASYFIX Punched Mat

The EASYFIX Punched Mats provide an excellent safety solution for grass surfaces and also protects grass coverage in high areas.

The mats are designed to reinforce grass areas on sport pitches, playgrounds and outdoor amenity areas.

The punched surface enables the grass to grow and also provides efficient drainage. The mats will disappear from view once the grass has grown sufficiently.

The punched mats have multiple applications including in construction & play areas, anti-fatigue work place mats that provide relief when standing, outdoor entrance areas and also on patios. The mats can be easily removed for cleaning or relocation.


Safe and Durable

The punched mats have high-grip and are a safe and durable outdoor matting solution.

Protects ‘High-Use’ Grass Areas

The matting provides grip for pedestrians while also protecting the grass from damage.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

The rubber mat offers excellent anti-fatigue properties and provide relief when standing.


  1. Made from a natural rubber compound
  2. Non-slip surface
  3. Punched mat allows grass to grow through
  4. Excellent drainage
  5. Easy DIY installation
  6. Maintenance free


  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Depth:
  • Weight:
Play areas, work areas, entrance doors, patios