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EASYFIX Batten Fixers

EASYFIX Batten Fixers

EASYFIX Batten Fixers are an innovative product which supports the timber joist and keeps them clear of the subfloor – ideal for use in construction, decking and flooring projects.

They are available in three different sizes 10mm, 24mm and 38mm, the batten fixer significantly reduces acoustics noise in residential builds. Levellers can be supplied to adjust the height where floor surfaces are uneven.

The batten fixers are widely used by numerous decking companies and apartments in Ireland, the UK, Norway and Australia.


Supports Timber Joist

The batten fixers support the timber joist and keeps it clear of the subfloor.

Creates a Moisture Barrier Between the Deck and the Surface

The batten fixers leave an air gap to allow the deck to “breathe”, creating a moisture barrier between the deck and the surface.

Extends the Lifespan of the Timber

The batten fixers extend the lifespan of the timber. There is no need for piercing of the base and the deck can be left floating.


  1. Made from a natural rubber compound
  2. Supplied with two leveller per unit
  3. Allow for 7 batten fixers per m2 (depends on weight of deck)
  4. Reduces impact noise by up to 23dB


  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Depth:
    10mm / 24mm /38mm
  • Weight:
    0.20kg / 0.27kg / 0.35kg
Ideal for decking installations on flat roofs, concrete and paving tarmac etc