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EASYFIX Astro Tile

EASYFIX Astro Tile

The Astro Tile is a multi-purpose synthetic grass tile that is square in shape. It is easy to install and manoeuvre.

The mat is suitable for use in outdoors in areas such as outdoor dining, gardens, patios, play areas, creches and they are also a great addition for gyms.


Natural Looking Appearance

The Astro Tile is a high-quality artificial grass tile that has a natural looking appearance and soft feel.

Easy to Install

The square shape means joining tiles together is simple and stress free.

Maintenance Free

Once installed, the Astro Tile is a maintenance free mat. No need for watering or cutting. No moving, no mud, no mess!


  1. Suitable for DIY installation
  2. Easy to stack and store
  3. Robust and durable


  • Length
  • Width:
  • Depth:
  • Weight:
Back gardens, patios, gym flooring, outdoor dining, commercial/home gyms, display areas, playing pitches, playrooms/play areas