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We supply a range of high-quality and durable rubber mats that are perfect for both commercial and home gyms.

Gym Flooring Solutions

Gym flooring is a vital aspect to any commercial or home gym. At EASYFIX, we supply a range of high-quality flooring that can fit your gym needs. Our mats are specifically designed to protect floors by absorbing the impact of heavy equipment and help reduce noise levels, making them ideal gym flooring solutions. We also have a softer mat available that is perfect for yoga, cardio and floor exercises.

All of our mats are suitable for DIY installation and can be easily fitted into place. They do not need to be glued down, which means that they can be lifted and moved later on, with no damage to the floor underneath.


Our Rubber Gym Mats – Why You Need Them

At EASYFIX, we are rubber matting specialists and all of our mats are made from high-quality rubber which ensures the longevity of our matting solutions.

It is important to have gym flooring in place for the following reasons:

  • Cleanliness- Keeping the workout area is a top priority for any gym. Our matting solutions are maintenance free and have surfaces that are easy to wipe down.
  • Floor Protection- EASYFIX gym mats are durable rubber mats that can absorb a large amount of weight, meaning that neither the floor underneath, or the equipment, will be damaged with use.
  • Shock Absorption- A rubber floor increases the comfort of the user by providing shock absorption qualities, which can help prevent injuries by partially absorbing the force caused by high intensity workouts.
  • At the Oranmore Lodge Leisure Club we used the EASYFIX floor matting for our weights and resistance area. We find the floor looks well, is hard wearing and is definitely suited to a resistance training area. We installed the EASYFIX mats in 2012 and the floor is still in top condition and is easy to maintain and clean.

    Alan Concannon, Leisure Club Manager, Oranmore Lodge Hotel
  • I found the EASYFIX matting to be very hard-wearing, excellent to absorb the impact of dropped weights and easy to clean and maintain. Great value for money.

    David Welbey, Director of 37 Degrees Fitness, Loughrea, Co. Galway
  • The mats have given the gym the finished look that I was hoping for. They don’t just look the part, but they are also a high-quality surface with a good grip and are easy to keep clean. Highly recommend.

    Evan Daly, Owner of Daily Fitness Gym, Co. Galway