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We have a range of maximum grip rubber matting suitable for outdoor walkways, footpaths, decking, timber boardwalks and roof tops.

Safety Rubber Matting for your Workspace

At EASYFIX, we have a range of hard-wearing and high-grip mats that are designed to withstand heavy-duty processes in demanding environments. Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common causes of accidents in the workplace. Our high-grip rubber matting solutions can help avoid this from happening. Our rubber matting also has anti-fatigue properties, providing the right amount of support and comfort in work areas.

Rooftop Matting

We have matting solutions that are designed to provide a secure walkway for safe access and maintenance on flat roofs. The mats are high-grip, ensuring an excellent grip, more stability and a safer surface for pedestrians walking on them, particularly when it rains. They are made using a high-grade rubber and can be easily installed on any flat roof.

Ground Protection Mats

Our ground protection mats are the perfect solution to protect outdoor ground and grass. They are made from a thick rubber and help to absorb impact and noise. As well as that, the mats promote healthy grass growth and provide efficient drainage. They are ideal for use in pathways as over time, frequent footfall can kill the grass and also displace the soil.