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About Us

Our goal is to improve the welfare of our customers by helping to ensure we provide you with a top-quality service & product. Our Rubber Matting Solutions guarantee a safer and more comfortable environment.

Who we are & What we do?

We provide a wide range of high-grip matting suitable for both commercial and home gyms, playgrounds, creches, outdoor areas and we also have a new safety range coming soon!

Our promise is to provide our customers with the best quality products at an affordable price.

Established in 1996, EASYFIX is a family owned and run business which has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last 25 years.
We are hugely passionate about delivering products that meet the needs of our customers and are fully committed to developing the highest quality products.
Our product range provides easy-to-install, low maintenance and affordable solutions that deliver a safer and more comfortable environment.
Our premium quality mats are made from the finest natural rubber ensuring high performance, softness and long-lasting durability. All of our products are supported by a full warranty.
We are a recognised leader in design innovation with a strong commitment to research and development, and continuous product improvement.